Pre-lodgement Meetings

Pre-lodgement meetings are a great way to get feedback on your proposed development in the early planning stages. A pre-lodgement meeting is between yourself and a council officer, where you discuss your application and any potential issues with it before you lodge your application.

Why you should book a pre-lodgement meeting

  • It's an opportunity to discuss your proposed development with council.
  • If any issues arise from the meeting, planners can work with you to resolve them before you submit your application, making the application process more efficient for you.
  • It's free of charge.

For more information on pre-lodgement meetings please read our Pre-lodgement meetings for developers information sheet.

Please note: Having a pre-lodgement meeting is an opportunity for you to present and discuss your development proposal with Council. During the meeting, officers will try to assist you by identifying likely issues, and may suggest solutions to make your development work better. While Council will endeavor to give accurate and constructive advice, your meeting does not replace or pre-empt a full assessment, which will be conducted after you lodge your application.

For advice on completing a development application, view Council's page on Preparing an Application.

How to book a pre-lodgement meeting

Use our online Pre-lodgement meeting request form to book a pre-lodgement meeting with Council.