Past Exhibitions

Explore our past exhibitions that were on display at Perc Tucker Regional Gallery.


Hannah Murray: Entropicana

Hannah-MURRAY_Floating-World-2020-Graphite-on-Arches-Aquarelle-watercolour-paper-66-x-55cmPerc Tucker Regional Gallery
Exhibition dates: 6 April - 13 June 2021

Perc Tucker Regional Gallery is proud to support the next generation of Townsville and North Queensland-based artists. Hannah Murray is fast growing a name for herself as one of North Queensland’s most beloved artists, and Entropicana is her first major solo exhibition. Murray’s Entropicana explores the duality of life in the tropics through lush illustration, and a playful postmodern approach to composition, juxtaposing seemingly unrelated imagery to create a series of beguiling montages. Most life on this planet lives— thrives— in the tropics, and so too does it inevitably die, fulfilling its function in a greater scheme, its nutrients and energy passing along the chain to sustain new life. With the natural world in tumult, and the increasingly unpredictability of life, is our own existence any different? Murray examines such questions in an artistic voice which alternates between the sobering and bleakly humorous; an accurate and symbolic reflection of life.

Image: Hannah Murray, Floating World, 2020, Graphite on Arches Aquarelle watercolour paper, 76 x 57cm. Courtesy of the artist

Carolyn Craig and Damian Dillon: (Dis)Location

Damian_Dillon_(Dis)integration-_2019Perc Tucker Regional Gallery
Exhibition dates: 16 April - 13 June 2021

Dis(Location) examines the intangibility of affect over Australia’s post-colonial landscape. In the visual arts, this is a context where landscape is considered as a set of inter-relations between body and space, inhabitation and other cultural metaphors. The landscape serves as a site of analysis in relation to the underlying violence of capital economies. This cultural matrix is disrupted through strategies of chemical dissolution (Dillon) and copy generated error codes (Craig). Both approaches dissolve the boundary between self and other, and subject and object, to provoke slippages into smooth space.  This space of osmotic fluidity allows the artists to transgress the everyday into an uncanny state of confusion – to implicate the viewer within the abject state of loss.

This exhibition brings a range of new and recent works by both artists, including printmaking and photography, performative, sculptural and installation elements to fuse a new whole between the artists and their various media. (Dis)Location is thought-provoking and visually disarming collection of works, and an experiment in collaboration between these two artists uniquely suited to the modular downstairs space of Perc Tucker Regional Gallery.

Image: Damian Dillon, (Dis)integration #5, 2019, unique C-Type print on Alupanel, 100 x 90 cm