Applications on Public Notification

The process of public notification allows adjoining or nearby property owners, and others, the opportunity to look at a proposed development, consider the likely impacts the proposal may have on them, and provide comment (either positive or negative) about the proposal prior to a decision being made.

The information provided below is made available as a general reference source only.

For further information and to view full size plans of any of the applications listed below please contact Planning and Development on 1300 878 001 or in person at the Customer Service Centre, 103 Walker Street, Townsville City between 8.30am and 5pm weekdays.

Please Note: The documents below are scanned copies of the originals lodged with council for assessment purposes. To minimise the impact on of downloading these files they have been scanned in a low resolution which can result in some portions of the content becoming unreadable and incompatible with interpretive software. Should you wish view the original documents or obtain high resolutions copies of the documents below please contact council on 1300 878 001.

Applications available online

Application Number Proposal Submission Close Date
MI17 0010 Health Care Service, 103 -141 Duckworth Street, GARBUTT 01 June 2017
MI16 0033 Preliminary Approval under S242 of SPA 2009 to vary the effect of the Townsville City Plan in accordance with the Hive Master Plan and Preliminary Approval for Building Work for the demolition of the Criterion Hotel (Local Heritage Place), 45 Flinders Street TOWNSVILLE CITY 13 June 2017

Applications not available online

Please be advised due the large file size of the below applications, they are not available on the website. However they are available to view free of charge at the Customer Service Centre, 103 Walker Street. Copies are available for a fee.

Application Number


Submission Close Date

Currently all applications are available to download online.   


Submissions can be made on any of the applications listed above prior to the close date. To lodge a submission on any of the applications listed above please visit our ePlanning website, or alternatively you can print and complete a letter of submission. For further information regarding the public notification process and your rights as a submitter please visit the Department of State Development Infrastructure and Planning website.