Venues & Open Space Bookings

Important Note

In line with the Queensland Government's easing of the COVID-19 restrictions, the following facilities have now been re-opened.

  • Community centres
    • maximum of 50 people will be allowed inside the centre. This applies to, but is not limited to, event organisers, caterers, entertainment providers and guests (including children)
    • Events where contact is required, i.e. partnered dancing, are still not permitted

Theatre Closed

The Riverway Arts Centre Theatre is still CLOSED due to damage from the unprecedented rain event in 2019. The Theatre will remain closed until further notice until repairs have been completed and it is safe for public re-entry to the facility.

Council has a number of venues, parklands and facilities that are available for hire by residents, community and other groups.

Commercial businesses applying to utilise council land for a commercial activity are required to complete the following forms and return to council.