Clustering is a methodology based on the core principles of integration (of activities) and collaboration (of members) for mutual benefit.

Clusters help raise the profile of a specific sector or project and increase the investment attractiveness of the proposed work.

This approach positions Townsville and the greater region well as it clearly highlights our structured, thoughtful approach and understanding of the necessary policy support.

In the current environment, there is a need to establish a new normal and to maintain pace with innovation, technological development and evolving consumer/Government expectations.

The TaskforceNQ Clusters contribute to an increase in economy-wide competitiveness by facilitating policy reform, fostering private-public dialogue, and becoming a catalyst for wider private sector development initiatives.

Finally, clustering allows the opportunity to ensure that economic, social and health benefits are considered and highlighted to all levels of government for the benefit of the region and its community.

For more information on the projects aligned with Townsville Enterprise’s Unlock the North priority list, please visit their website.

Content accurate as of July 2020.