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A Region for People

A Region for People

North Queensland aims to be a region of opportunity and great lifestyle where everyone feels that they belong and can live, work and relax. It is a region for people, supporting the health, wellbeing and quality of life of all people who live and work in the region.

The region strives to be liveable, vibrant, prosperous, sustainable, diverse, inclusive, accessible, attractive, healthy and safe for all community members. By providing events and opportunities for the community to gather in various forms it has been demonstrated to increase a sense of trust and inclusion.

The ability for every member of the community to access cultural enrichment through sport, art, live performances or music is fundamental to personal development and social cohesion. Recognising a long-term gap in modern facilities for the arts, the North Queensland Cultural Precinct will be an essential hub to access concerts and visual arts for the region. Establishment of a bid fund to draw world class events and attractions is essential to achieving lifestyle and cultural growth for the community.

Programs that are designed to promote health and wellbeing in individuals, build communities and support a sustainable and safe society contribute to its residents feeling safe, socially connected and included.

Inclusion puts the concept and practice of diversity into action by creating an environment of involvement, respect, and connection — where the richness of ideas, backgrounds, and perspectives are harnessed to create enhance productivity across the region.

In order to create a community that thrives into the future, it is important to support people’s recovery from the health and social impacts of the pandemic and build personal and public resilience. Mental health service providers are reporting an increase in contacts and service demands since the onset of the pandemic, with expectations of a surge in suicides. Current data suggests there are higher levels of reported anxiety and psychological distress in the general population.

In addition, Townsville has a disproportionately high number of domestic and family violence cases, including having the third highest rates of domestic and family violence (DFV) in Queensland per capita. Statistics are demonstrating that social isolation associated with the pandemic are masking DFV visibility and exacerbating this situation.

Young people in particular are experiencing additional stress as a result of the pandemic and reaching out to help-line services in greater numbers than before. Support for young people is important to prevent escalation of issues and the manifestation of antisocial behaviour and to build resilience in the next generation.

Investment - $386.65MConstruction Jobs - 1,095Ongoing Jobs - 114Indirect Jobs - 3,144

Content accurate as of July 2020.

The community has an important role to play in prevention of mental health, suicide, youth support requirements, family and domestic violence. Implementing programs to avoid the development of a mental illness, generally through population based health activities supports mental health promotion and reduction of known risk factors such as exposure to child abuse, sexual assault and domestic violence. Further programs will recognise emerging symptoms and early intervention as well as target the negative impact of a mental illness through continuing treatment and rehabilitation.

Previous examples have shown that awareness raising of factors that support resilience and coping strategies including self care, community connectedness and engagement reduces the prevalence of mental health issues. Not all mental illnesses can be prevented, however the impacts can be lessened by early and effective intervention.

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Youth Case Management
  • Braking the Cycle
  • Children’s Response and Counselling
  • Domestic and Family Violence Co-responder
  • Establish a Multi-sport Coordination Cooperative
  • Establishment of Events Townsville Bid Fund
  • Extend Mental Health Co-responder Model
  • Indigenous Sport & Recreation Program
  • Mentally Healthy City
  • North Australia Cultural Precinct
  • Shedspace – Early Intervention Youth Program
  • Smartlink Transport Corridor