Building and Planning Approval Reports

Building Approvals and Planning Approvals

Before you start working on a development, you may need to apply for building and/or planning approval. Building and planning approvals tell you if your development is safe and appropriate for the local area.

A building approval uses the Building Code of Australia to assess whether a structure is well designed and constructed. A qualified building certifier does the assessment and also the inspections during construction. Once you obtain a building approval, you will need to begin construction within 12 months for the approval to remain valid.

A planning approval uses relevant planning information to decide if your planned works are appropriate and how it will impact the local area. Planning approvals are generally valid for a period of 2 years from the date of issue for operational works and a period of 4 years from the date of issue for all other planning approval types.

Building approval summary reports

These reports are designed to provide an overview of building activity around the city. They provide information on the number of approvals issued each month along with the estimated value of those approvals. The following segments are included:

  • New Dwellings - Single detached new dwellings
  • New Units - Duplex and multiple dwelling approvals, providing the number of approvals and the number of new residential units
  • Commercial - Includes all Class 3 to 9 and all subsets as described under the Building Code of Australia
  • Pools and Spas - Stand alone pool and spa approvals
  • (Note: Swimming pool and spa applications that have been combined with a new dwelling are not included here)
  • Other Residential - Class 1 and 10 alterations, additions and minor structures e.g. patio, garden shed, additions to existing dwellings.

Information provided in the reports available below is governed by the provisions of the Information Privacy Act 2009, and the Sustainable Planning Act 2009. If you require information about building and planning approvals, please contact Planning and Development on 1300 878 001, or email or visit the Planning and Development counter at Level 1, 143 Walker Street, Townsville City.

If you require a summary report from a previous year, please contact council to obtain one.