Park Security

Council manages the contract for security patrols of public parks and The Strand to regulate council Local Laws and By-laws such as alcohol consumption. Security patrols are conducted daily to confiscate and/or dispose of alcohol found on persons in the public parks and to ensure persons do not remain in parks after closing time.

Responsibilities of the security patrols include:

  • Managing public drunkenness through the removal of alcohol
  • Managing antisocial behaviour in public parks
  • Maintaining public safety in public parks
  • Enforcing Local Law No 51 (Control of Intoxicating Liquor), and
  • Enforcing Chapter 15 Parks and Reserves

Actions you can take

Riversafe project

Queensland Police Service and Townsville City Council recently launched their partnership for the Riversafe Project. This project is proudly sponsored by Honeycombes Property Group.

The Riversafe Project aims to improve community safety to deter and prevent crime, and increase public awareness through the installation of signs and stencils.  The project will primarily focus on bikeways and park lands bordering the length of the Ross River, in the area of Vickers Bridge at Rasmussen to Nathan Street at Aitkenvale.

The project aims to:

  • Improve community safety
  • Raise self-awareness among users of the identified area
  • Encourage reporting of suspicious and anti-social activities
  • Prevent users from becoming victims of crime
  • Modify behaviours of potential offenders and deter criminal actions
  • Expand current intelligence holdings to assist in targeted patrols and future initiatives
  • Establish partnerships with key stakeholders to reduce and prevent crime in the targeted area

For more information visit the Queensland Police website.