Popular Parks

Important Note

In line with the Queensland Government's easing of the COVID-19 restrictions, the following facilities have now been re-opened.

Townsville has over 300 Parks and Open Space Areas which council are responsible for. These parks provide a range of recreational and sporting opportunities for both residents and visitors. On average over 350 ceremonies are held in Townsville Parkland every year.

Request for foliage from our parks and botanic gardens

Townsville City Council recognises that our community at times may want to request the use of plants and other natural materials from Townsville’s local parks and botanic spaces for cultural, religious, educational and/or scientific purposes. To assist in supporting the local community, the Parks and Open Space team welcomes requests for foliage or items from plants from within Council Parks and Open Space that have a link to cultural, religious, educational and/or scientific purposes.

Complete your application for foliage request here.